We have great pleasure in presenting to you yet another need of the hour life saving Gadget, 5G PROTECT – EMR Shield backed up by most credible Clinical Reports and Lab Cerifications. This is yet another invention from the inventor of Radisafe, the World’s largest selling Mobile Radiation Shield for more than 10 years, and used by millions of people around the World.

Salient features of 5G PROTECT - EMR Shield:

Tested & Certified to Shield 99.80% of EMR, by the World’s leading ELECTRO MAGNETIC RADIATION Testing Lab CIEMS, USA.

EMR Shielding Effectiveness has been tested at 9.375GHz, and we talk about 5GHz now, which is well within 9.375GHz.

As Radiation is effectively Harmonized, it reduces heating of the Mobile Phones by more than 80%.

As heating of Mobile Phone is considerably reduced, there is less injury to ears.

Less heating means more Battery life and Retention time.

Backed up by credible Clinical Reports and Leading Lab Certifications.

Unique & first of its kind proven & most Effective Technology.

5G PROTECT – EMR Shield is the sleekest gadget of its kind in the World, with a thickness of 1.5 mm only. Mobile cover easily sits over the shield, without bulging.

The contact surface area of the 5G PROTECT gadget with the Mobile is atleast 4 times more than any other similar shields in the World…….. means higher efficiency.

Enhanced aesthetics of your Mobile Phone when 5G PROTECT is stuck.

5G PROTECT – EMR Shield is from the same inventor of Radisafe, the World’s largest selling Mobile Radiation Shield for more than 10 years and happily used by Millions of people around the world.


Many Scientists have warned that introduction of 5G is the beginning of the destruction of the World. Its a 100% true warning, when we study little further, what is required to make 5G operational.

4G networks use frequencies below 6GHz, but 5G uses extremely high frequencies in the 30GHz to 300GHz range.

For super high frequencies to pass on a clear signal to the receiving Gadget without any obstructions like Humidity, Rain, Trees etc., more Antennas will be required to provide a long range 5G support.

This means possibly Antennas in drawing rooms and every Buildings.

More Towers means more exposure to more Electro Magnetic Radiation which is disastrous to our Health.

Sickness, death and decay results as humans, animals and plants can’t cope with the increased onslaught of EMR.

Studies have revealed that 60% of the population have 40% or more hearing loss problems besides becoming electro sensitive.

Unique & first of its kind proven & most Effective Technology.

Children are highly vulnerable with their tender brain.

Trees will have to be felled as the range of 5G is easily obstructed/blocked. Ecological imbalance is triggered.

5G PROTECT – EMR Shield is from the same inventor of Radisafe, the World’s largest selling Mobile Radiation Shield for more than 10 years.

Let’s be prudent and save ourselves, our family & children on a ' do it now ' basis. The World will join you soon!


5G PROTECT EMR Shield provides the earliest opportunity to protect oneself from the dreaded 5G. Instead of trying to waste further time researching on the hazards of 5G, which is clearly evident and obvious, also doubting the usefulness of this 5G PROTECT EMR Shield which carries dozens of credible clinical reports and Lab certifications, get into the act of protecting your health, your children and your family right now. After all our life is priceless and a failure in prudence or delay may cost us heavily. BEWARE!!!




Place the Shield on the backside of the Mobile Phone & Press. It can be pasted over the Mobile Phone cover also.

In the case of Gadgets, Stick the 5G Protect EMR Shield on the front side of the Gadgets.

Peel the 5G Protect EMR Shield, off package.


Lab Certifications & Clinical Reports

Test Report No. 1


World’s leading ‘EMR Shielding Effectiveness Testing’ Lab California Institute of Electronics and Materials Science, USA,(CIEMS)
has Certified 5G PROTECT EMR Shield to possess 99.80% EMR Shielding Effectiveness.

Test Report No. 2


Digital Infrared Thermometer was used to identify the heat of the Mobile Phone before and after sticking 5G PROTECT EMR Shield.
The results have shown that the Heat gets reduced by more than 80% after sticking 5G PROTECT EMR Shield.

Temperature of the Mobile Phone at room ambient Temperature measured through a Digital Temperature Meter: 30.7C.

Temperature of the Mobile Phone after 25 Minutes of continuous talking : 38.0C.

Temperature after talking on Mobile phone for 25 minutes, protected with 5G PROTECT EMR Shield:31.1C.

Test Report Nos. 3 - 12


Testing Machine used: Russian Bioresonance Scanner 8D LRIS NLS

The Effectiveness of 5G PROTECT EMR Shield has been Clinically Proven to help bring the various Organs to a balanced status, which are possibly imbalanced because of the onslaught of Electro Magnetic Radiation.( EMR). The following 10 Clinical Reports related to various organs of the body and also the DNA, clearly suggest that use of 5G PROTECT EMR Shield has considerably helped to bring the Organs to a BALANCED state.


The numbers that appear on the organs indicate the level of BALANCE of the Organs. On a scale of 1-6, Nos. 1,2 and 3 indicate a Balanced Status and the numbers 4,5 and 6 indicate the Unbalanced Status of the organ at the place the respective number appears.

No. 2 is the most ideal Balanced status and No.6 is the most Unbalanced Status.

It may be observed in the Clinical Report, how the UNBALANCED Status Organs represented by Nos.4, 5 and 6 are turning towards BALANCED Status of 3, 2 and 1 immediately after use of 5G PROTECT EMR Shield. The percentage of improvement (Strengthening Factor) is also indicated in the comparative Report. (Before and after comparison)

CONCLUSION: The organs tested including the DNA react favorably to the 5G PROTECT EMR Shield.

Dr.Mohammed Shadab, M.D(A.M)
Chakra Clinic & Research Centre
Chennai INDIA


Interpretation of Nos. 1 to 6

Test Report No. 3

Test Report No. 4

Test Report No. 5

Test Report No. 6

Test Report No. 7

Test Report No. 8

Test Report No. 9

Test Report No. 10

Test Report No. 11

Test Report No. 12

Test Report Nos. 13 & 14

5G PROTECT EMR Shield, was Clinically tested using Russian Bio Well GDV Camera.This study evaluates the Human Energy Levels in respect of 51 Organs tested, before and after use of 5G PROTECT EMR Shield.

The Report clearly indicates a Quantum jump in the energy levels of 51 Organs, after use of 5G PROTECT EMR Shield.

Test Report No. 13





Test Report No. 14







The spectacular favorable Biological changes observed with the various organs of the body after using 5G PROTECT EMR Shield, is as a result of Frequency Embedding of the most beneficial frequencies of the body, to the 5G Shield. The Frequency Embedding is done using our Proprietary Technology. The Frequencies embedded include, Schumann Resonance Frequency (7.83Hz) and DNA Repair/Rejuvenating Frequency (528 Hz). When the Mobile is held in hand or kept in pocket, the 5G Shield which is embedded with these Frequencies permanently, passes them on to the Mobile Phone, which in turn passes these most beneficial Frequencies to the body, instantly. These Frequencies are meant to Neutralize the Radiation (EMR) effects on the body and to rejuvenate the various organs including DNA, instantly. In other words, the body / organs rejoice these Frequencies. This is the USP of this 5G PROTECT EMR Shield. The inventor of this Gadget is a World renowned specialist on Frequency Embedding Technologies.


Q. Will the 5G PROTECT EMR Shield affect the signal strength of Mobile Phone?

A. Not at all. On the other hand better signal and tonal clarity is reported after sticking the 5G Shield.

Q. How do you prove the effectiveness of 5G PROTECT EMR SHIELD?

A. 5G PROTECT EMR Shield is backed up by Credible Clinical Reports & Lab Certifications, proving its efficacy beyond dispute. However one can also feel the considerable reduction in heat of their Mobile Phone afte 5G Shield is stuck.

Q. Can we check the Radiation reduction by a EMF checking Meter?

A. No. These Meters are designed to capture Radiation from all sources and not only from Mobile phone. Therefore they will all the time be indicating the presence of radiation, although the EMR from Mobile phone is Harmonized and your mobile is totally safe. There is no meter in the world currently to check the Harmonized radiation.

Q. What is the life of the 5G PROTECT EMR Shield ?

A. It will last for the life time of your mobile phone.

Q. Where else 5G PROTECT EMR Shield can be used ?

A. 5G PROTECT EMR Shield although used extensively for Mobile Phones, it can also be used on any radiation emitting electronic gadgets like WIFI Modem, Laptop, I pad, Computer, Refrigerator, Microwave Oven etc.,

Q. What if I don't use 5G PROTECT EMR Shield?

A. There is much noise around the world now, which is all about concerns of 5G introduction, much more than the rejoicing noise. It is one's prerogative to decide whether to protect themselves or not. Unfortunately being skeptical about the solution available is not the solution to the current problem. Again erring on the wrong side may cost one heavily. Better one wakes up to the reality and protects one self.

Q. How is 5G PROTECT EMR Shield different from other similar gadgets?

A. 5G PROTECT EMR Shield is the only gadget of its kind in the World which addresses both EMF and HEATING problems simultaneously by adopting a unique and proven combination of Technologies. There is no other Gadget in the World, which is backed up by credible certifications like 5G PROTECT EMR Shield

Q. Will 5G PROTECT EMR Shield be useful for children?

A. Definitely. Children are more vulnerable to Radiation Hazards, with their tender Brain. Now children are glued to Mobile phones, I Pads, Laptops etc., for hours together. There is no better devise that can safeguard their health than 5G PROTECT EMR Shield. The best gift one can make to a child is 5G PROTECT EMR Shield.


Dr.Krishnamurthy Kannan, a Researcher and a Longevity Strategist has been a pioneer in Radiation Shielding Technologies for more than a decade. He is the inventor of the World's Largest selling Mobile Radiation Shield RADISAFE, which is used by Millions around the World. Dr.Krishnamurthy Kannan is the Founder and CEO of PORTOWORLD.

He is also the author of first of its kind Technology in the World 'Frequency Embedding Technology' which is successfully employed in his EMR Shielding Gadget which brings about .pronounced favourable biological changes in the body, non invasively. Using his Frequency Embedding Technology, his contributions extend to many areas including, Bountiful Agriculture, Carbon emission elimination from Vehicles, Liquid and Gas Fuel saving, 100% odour pollution elimination, Community Oxygen Generators, sleep issues and many more. His Socio Care projects / products are used in many countries with amazing benefits to the user community. 5G PROTECT EMR Shield is his latest contribution to the World, which is facing the gravest danger, thanks to the introduction of 5G.

Dr. Krishnamurthy Kannan holds a Doctorate Degree in Geopathic Stress, which subject is one of the Root Causes for Human Health Sufferings. Energy Engineering is his specialty subject. View his Service to the World towards Correcting Energy Imbalances...Click here.

Technologically 5G is a great leap forward. Let’s catch up & enjoy it without a compromise in our health. Use 5G PROTECT EMR Shield.

Disclaimer: 5G PROTECT EMR Shield is NOT a Medical Gadget / Device and is NOT intended to DIAGNOSE, TREAT OR CURE any DISEASE.

5G PROTECT EMR Shield is Conceived, Created and Manufactured by PORTOWORLD, Chennai INDIA, an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company.